Jose Francisco Esquer Jr


The Legend of Iluco || Ecuadorian Amazon // Kichwa

I wanted to share a small video project I had been working on inspired by living in Napo. During my time in community, there would be nights when I would be with my most host mom, Susannah and 5 year old host brother Joel. She would begin recounting old Amazonian creation stories that explained how…

18 July, 2016


Every day I feel my reality changing, but the change is conscious and intentional. Four months have gone by and my world is slipping further and further from where I was, yet I feel more connected to who I was.  Today marks the halfway point of this journey and the culmination of good and bad…

25 December, 2015

The Eternal Rain

        My presence and my ideas are insignificant to the rain. The furious dark grey clouds release a habitual substance from their clutches. It builds and builds until the weighing pressure suffocates the land below. The land, teeming with life, hides. Life stops, if only for a few waning hours. The rain…

22 October, 2015

Into the Jungle

        All I know is what’s on this piece of paper. It’s crazy to think, it’s crazy to imagine, and it’s even crazier to realize that I will be calling the jungle that is the Amazonian rainforest, my home. My community placement, something so endless and full possibility, is confined to a sheet a paper. It…

26 September, 2015

Climbing Pichincha Volcano | Quito, Ecuador

    16,000 feet up, the world is different. Being in the clouds brings enthrallment and humiliation. Making it to the a peak of a volcano is not easy. The journey is exhilarating but yet it takes the energy out of you. As you feel less and less air you must fight for every breath. The journey…

21 September, 2015


Uncertainty In this moment the world beyond seems of distant happening. Reality slowly seeps into the now. All ideas, all thoughts, all preconceptions about what I know will be challenged and tried. In a few weeks’ time my life as I know it will change. I welcome this experience and I have chosen to embrace…

07 September, 2015

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Jose Francisco Esquer Jr