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Jocari Peralta

Jocari Peralta is passionate about life and all of its beauty. She is involved in her local church where she sings, and shares her spiritual testimonies with others. She gives back to her impoverished, drug infested community by volunteering at a soup kitchen where she serves food for different families and other people who express need. She is also very involved in Youtube, where she chooses to share her story with the hopes of impacting others' lives positively and inspiring growth. Her goals for the year are to explore another culture and learn a new language, to experience life and make a difference, to grow as a human being and acquire more stories to tell. I am inspired by people, and the way that they move, think and feel about life.



June 2, 2018

Because sometimes I don’t even have the words to describe the pain that comes with growing up not knowing yourself and being taught a lie…  (PS: I will be making a video on this soon) (PPS: It’s great to be back ;))

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Boutique Culture… Something like a bodega

March 20, 2018

                  Bodega   A hispanic/spanish/latin mini-mart, (Most likely owned by a Dominican… I’m joking but we do have a strong presence in the bodega business within the US… We don’t own them all though… yet… 😉 ) kind of like a 7-11, but usually smaller (Not like a 7-11…...

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When It’s All Over

January 25, 2018

When it's all over When it's all said and done I'll say I've been to Senegal, but I've never been to Africa… I'll say I've been to four bedroom "maisons" adorned with roses and palm but never any huts. To Sahara deserts but never any Safaris. That the only lions I saw were the wild...

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September 24, 2017

Stop! Don't tell me that I'm not African just because my skin don't match the bottom of that pan when neither does yours! Just because I don't speak the language know the culture breathe the lifestyle feel the blood of what's her name pumping through my veins don't mean I don't know… cause if that's...

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My Spanish

September 23, 2017

From a young age I was taught to read and write in English, but I was taught to love in SPANISH   My mother who only spoke SPANISH taught my sister Maria and me things like never say I hate you because hate is a strong word and do not curse in SPANISH as I...

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August 26, 2017

  Download full resolution images Available until Sep 25, 2017 Wanderlust noun noun: wanderlust a strong desire to travel. “a man consumed by wanderlust”   I never thought of wanderlust as something that I could be consumed by. But re-reading the sentence now I’ve re-imagined wanderlust as some sort of blood thirsty animal that hasn’t...

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The Daughter of the American Dream

August 8, 2017

“The Descendants” by Iris Hu Have we achieved the American Dream? Pause. “Yo pienso que sí,” she says. That means I think so. I think so… I think. I think we have. It’s hard to tell, depends what you’re comparing your life to. When I was younger all I ever dreamed about was making my...

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