Joana Mouzinho

Joana Mouzinho is passionate about making sense of the world around her through writing. While in United World College in Armenia, she became deeply involved in issues such as education, feminism and poverty. Her goals for the year are as always: To continue being happy, ambitious and mindful - only this time, in India. "Do not think of yourself and bodhisattwa as a separate. When we see and hear the suffering of others and respond to that suffering, we are the heads and arms of the bodhisattwa.



It is Saturday afternoon and I find myself aimlessly walking towards a very concrete goal. Suddenly a very peculiar sense of overwhelmingness hits me: one which, although interiorized, has not become less surreal nonetheless. The body and identity within which I conduct and which helps…

03 February, 2019

On teaching

On teaching (title unapologetically inspired by Joan Didion’s “On self-respect”) The value of education lies in the fact that it is as transformative to the educator as it is for the one receiving education: It is mutual. From what I have grown to know about…

06 November, 2018

Fragility, Scarcity, Purpose, Love.

Fragility, Scarcity, Purpose, Love. It has been hard for me to write. It has been hard for me to gather my thoughts, to put into words what is best remain untold; what is too great to be explained. I guess this a great way of…

30 September, 2018

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Joana Mouzinho