Jeremy Chan

Jeremy is passionate about sports and social work. He was involved in multiple sports teams for his school and country. He also worked with NGO's to help minorities in Hong Kong. His goals for the year are to be fluent in Spanish, to fully immerse myself in the culture and to have fun.


Hasta Luego

Never did I think that I would ever live in Latin America, let alone Ecuador when i was a child. It was a part of the world that i had no knowledge about and had no connections to. The past 7 months flew by and…

13 May, 2019

First carnival

A thing that Hong Kong really needs to learn from Ecuador and South America is their 4 day long carnival. My first carnival started one day before it should have started when we got into an intense but fun fight at the office of where…

25 March, 2019

On the Road

After our wonderful retreat at the beach of Atacames in Northern Ecuador, I went on another adventure. This time it was without any team leaders, but just other fellows. As a fellow from the northern cohort of Ecuador, we travelled all the way down to…

16 January, 2019

The Volcanoes

Closing seminar just ended, meaning no more catch and release, also meaning we are spending more time with our families and apprenticeships. For the past month and a half, catching the 8:45am bus has been the norm every single day. As I wake up and…

15 November, 2018


Upon arriving at Ibarra, I felt like we were so privileged. We stayed a very fancy hotel with a nice buffet breakfast and many facilities. The rooms were cleaned every single day and I truly believed I was on vacation. We did all the touristy…

03 October, 2018

Getting There

As I fly into my new adventure, my gap year in Ecuador, I can’t stop thinking about what my second year told me about her gap year experience in Ecuador. Just 2 weeks ago, I was still in HK, having lunch with her. Time passed…

11 September, 2018

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Jeremy Chan