Jemina Auge

Jemina is passionate about experiencing what lays beyond her comfort zone, about surpassing both cultural and language barriers. Having conducted in-field research projects on Cambodia‚ deforestation and downtown Los Angeles‚ gentrification, she recognizes that gaining valuable knowledge need not be strictly confined to a traditional classroom setting and‚ just as much, if not more, could be attained through the process of expanding her realm of familiar. During her year abroad, she therefore hopes to further embrace the challenges, the beauty, and the learning that come hand in hand with venturing beyond her own comfort‚ and boundaries.



  From my journal, 10 February   As I made my way from a taxing day of disciplining undisciplined ten year olds, I was tired and a tinge frustrated. My mind wandered back to Ayush relentlessly using his pencils and desk as a drum set, to Nupur proudly applying glue in her braids the same…

31 May, 2019


From my journal, 18 January Wednesday nights on Sinhagad always mean one thing: सब्जी बाजार  [sabzi bazaar – vegetable market] On this midweek evening, once the sun surrenders its dry heat to cooler, more tolerable temperatures, a parking lot abandoned during the daytime begins to buzz with activity. Under large tents and bright neon lights,…

31 May, 2019


From my journal, 15 November   For the entirety of the first month with my host family, the kitchen was a ‘do not enter’ zone. In this space where chai was always brewing and rice was always steaming and vegetables were always frying, my host mom set the rules – and apparently, one such (unofficial)…

31 May, 2019


From my journal, 25 September    I instantly heard the footsteps behind me pick up their pace, the pitter-patter of feet becoming quicker and louder. “Keep on walking”, I thought to myself, hoping to fight off the habitual feelings of discomfort and weariness from settling in. These efforts, however, were in vain: only a few…

31 May, 2019

Something different

Ahead of me, my best friend shuffled along her Bed Bath & Beyond shopping cart, piling it high with all of the notebooks and plush rugs and closet organizers necessary for her college move-in day. And sure enough, whenever I stole a glance around, similar carts containing similar products could be found in every aisle,…

26 August, 2018

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Jemina Auge