Jemina Auge

Jemina is passionate about experiencing what lays beyond her comfort zone, about surpassing both cultural and language barriers. Having conducted in-field research projects on Cambodia‚ deforestation and downtown Los Angeles‚ gentrification, she recognizes that gaining valuable knowledge need not be strictly confined to a traditional classroom setting and‚ just as much, if not more, could be attained through the process of expanding her realm of familiar. During her year abroad, she therefore hopes to further embrace the challenges, the beauty, and the learning that come hand in hand with venturing beyond her own comfort‚ and boundaries.


Something different

Ahead of me, my best friend shuffled along her Bed Bath & Beyond shopping cart, piling it high with all of the notebooks and plush rugs and closet organizers necessary for her college move-in day. And sure enough, whenever I stole a glance around, similar…

26 August, 2018

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Jemina Auge