Jeannine Contreras


People Watching

Since as early as I can remember I have been fascinated by people watching. I never intend to do it, never purposefully set out to turn strangers into curiosities, pieces of art that I puzzle over long after they’ve faded from my view and yet time and time again that is what I find myself…

17 March, 2018

Road Trip

Its three am, my little brother is puking in the front seat and I can’t stop looking at the stars.  We’re somewhere high in the mountains between Guayaquil and Ibarra – three hours into a nine-hour road trip. In front my host Dad is driving, my littlest brother has his head out the window in…

28 February, 2018


On my first day as an English teacher, Edison, one of the main teachers I would be working with, took me to four of his classes to introduce me to his students. He introduced me to his first class in the following manner: "This is the new English assistant shes from the U.S but she…

07 November, 2017

Nov. 2nd – Día De Los Difuntos

The last place that I expected to be full of life was the cemetery yet there I was at 10 pm in Atuntaki Ecuador in the middle of a bustling cemetery. Families gathered everywhere, crowding around tombstones, migrating slowly from tomb to tomb, greeting friends and other relatives. Lovers pulled each other close. Children stuck…

03 November, 2017

First Day of Kindergarten

As the starting date for Global Citizen draws ever closer I can’t help feeling like a little kid about to start the first day of school. Those familiar excited shivers fueled by optimism now run through me. Just like the night before kindergarten, I’m excited about the unknown potential filled future and though I’m not…

27 August, 2017

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Jeannine Contreras