Jean Ulysse

Jean Ulysse is passionate about film as a way to communicate the stories of others. After traveling to Guatemala in 2009 to work on an education project, Jean completed a short documentary about water problems in the community. Originally from Haiti, Jean moved to New York as a child and grew up in Brooklyn. Already fluent in French, Spanish, and Creole, Jean looks forward to learning a new language this year.


Why us???

Everyday when I am walking down the streets of Bonfim in the lower city of Salvador, Bahian people mistake me for African. Why that is I do not know, but I am eager to find out.  People of African-descent throughout the diaspora need to dialogue…

21 October, 2011

My first day in Brazil

This is my second full day in Brazil, sitting down by the ocean where I can let nature be my teacher, the ocean sing me a lullaby get lost into my thoughts….. Sometimes in life we wish we did not do certain things but “hey”…

03 October, 2011

Curious about Global Citizen Year? This is a great place to start.

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Jean Ulysse