Jamie Smith

Jamie is passionate about literature, environmental issues and minority rights. During his time at UWC Atlantic he was involved in projects related to Mental Health and LGBTQ support, and hopes to bring some of this awareness to his community in Ecuador. He is excited to live outside of the UK for the first time and explore Ecuadorian Culture and traditions first hand. His goals for this year are to learn Spanish, adapt to Ecuadorian life and mix with the local community. “Maybe your life will work/ Most likely it won’t at first/ but that/ will give you poetry.” - Ysra Daley-Ward


Notebook Fragments (2)

I live in a kind of triangle, if you draw a line from the prison/ through the hotel down to the river/ back up to the football stadium The protesters paralysed the entire country. I am in awe the president listened. Potatoes are not from…

19 October, 2019

A reminder

I am a procrastinator. In the days leading up to my flight to California I became depressive and withdrawn. My suitcase laid at the end of my bed empty. The journey loomed and I was left trying to imagine a life with the straws of…

09 September, 2019

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Jamie Smith