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Jahzaria Olivierre

My name is Jahzaria Olivierre and I'm passionate about community and self expression/healing. I am involved in Soil and Soul a how-to agriculture and bodily healing program that caters to young POC in my neighborhood. My goals for this year is to be open to realities that are different from my own, to discover a concrete knowledge of myself and the world around me, and to also re-program some parts of my mind that never served me. I am inspired by art, passion and community. My favorite quote is "Trust the process".


Turning 18 in Brazil

December 30, 2018

  Every year on my birthday I would cut a cake with my family and best friends, you can sort of say it’s like a tradition in my household. However, within a stir of event’s this year was totally different. I would have never guessed I would be turning 18 in Brazil, but all of...

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