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Jacob Stern

Jake, always adventuresome, has spent time volunteering to rebuild homes in New Orleans post-Katrina. There he discovered a responsibility to those in need, and returned home to found a disaster relief club that gathered over 150 student members. After studying international relations in Washington D.C for a summer, Jake was inspired to travel and learn more about international issues. Jake plays sports and guitar, and really wants a motorcycle license.


Dollars to development

May 21, 2012

Microfinance is a word. A very fancy word. And a word I feel most people don’t really understand (even when they claim to). I, for example, don’t understand it. I spent three months this year trying to learn about it.   I made a video about it! So you should check it out! You can...

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Jambi Huasi

February 13, 2012

February marks my sixth month in Ecuador, and I still haven’t posted something about my work. I guess that’s been a little difficult to describe because I’ve bumped around doing three different things. But here’s one of them: Main apprenticeship: Jambi Huasi: Intercultural Health Center (October – April). I work Monday-Thursday: working at the receptionist...

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Christmas Grace

January 18, 2012

“Let’s thank Jesus for coming into our house this Christmas. We’ve never been able to have Turkey before…” My mom chokes up. I feel the whole family’s eyes are all on me. Just smile and don’t look anywhere but at her. “And we also want to thank Jake, for coming to this poor house. Thank...

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Some mini Ecua-adventures

December 30, 2011

Dear United States, Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve blogged. So here’s my attempt to make up for lost time: seven different 100-word slices of Ecuadorian life. 1. My new “hermanos”, or siblings, and the dog, took me exploring by the small river behind our house. I slipped on Vans and a sweater, and...

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This extremely high-tech editing was accomplished by putting my hand in front of the aperture and then removing it. I bow, I bow. I know I´m an artíst. (Sarcasm isn´t too common in Ecuador, it´s been a while since I´ve been able to use it.)

El Supergringo

September 23, 2011

I’ve adopted various nicknames in the past. They have included Blondie, Stretch, and Bird. But in Ecuador, it’s “El Supergringo”. I stand out here. I am very white, very 6 foot 2, and very Supergringo. I’m the only blonde no matter where I go. My Spanish accent is terrible, and my Spanish is worse. I...

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The plunge

August 30, 2011

Global Citizen Year is damn good looking. But when I met everyone for the first time when US training began, we were truly motley crew. At any given lunch table, I’d catch slang from the cornfields of Iowa, the mountains of New Hampshire, the swamps of Florida, and the hills of San Francisco. Initially, cultures...

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This Isn’t That

July 28, 2011

Hello! I’m Jake. My story? Well, I was raised in California and spent the first 13 years of my life in the suburbs and Jewish Day School—the next four were spent in the same suburb and public high school. OK, that sounds pretty dull. There was definitely fun thrown in here and there.  But, for...

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