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Isaiah Fischer-Brown

Isaiah is passionate about music, traveling, and college sports. He is involved with the peer-led youth movement of Young Judaea, which brings together teenagers from the spectrum of Jewish practice and political orientation to create a community promoting pluralism and tolerance while teaching the tools for activism. Through Global Citizen Year he hopes to become fluent in Spanish, work in a health-related apprenticeship, learn about global development, and build upon his communication and leadership skills.


Jewish Kid, Catholic Country

February 23, 2014

“Voy a dormir, bendición María” “Dios te bendiga, que descanses Isaías” “Padre, Hijo, Espíritu Santo” I am going to bed, Blessing. May God bless you and that you rest, Isaiah. Father, Son, Holy Spirit. While speaking in her soft murmur, my host mother makes the motion of the crucifix across her chest and wishes me...

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Navigating the Public Health System

January 24, 2014

When I’m not with my host family or in Spanish class, the majority of my time during the week is spent as a public health volunteer through the Tandana Foundation*. This foundation coordinates a variety of local service projects, hosts groups of American volunteers, and also provides scholarships to rural Ecuadorian students to continue their...

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La Vida Tranquila

November 21, 2013

Spending three weeks in Quito getting to know my country cohort was a much-needed introduction to the Ecuadorian lifestyle. We received excessive security briefings about how not to get mugged, pick pocketed, and even kidnapped, then despite our language barrier and little knowledge of the public transportation system, were let loose to enjoy everything the city had to offer. We...

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Heading out, not moving in

August 29, 2013

Today, rather than unpacking in my dorm, I am packing for my year in Ecuador. Tomorrow is not my first day of class, but the day I leave for Fall Training in California, and the start of my Global Citizen Year. After helping my friends move in to college, I initially felt left out, like...

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