Isabel Garcia

Isabel is very passionate about helping others and building equality throughout everyone. She is involved in her community by participating in events and programs such as Trees of Joy, BUILD and College Track. Her goal for the year is to inspire others to step out their comfort zone, get to know and understand this beautiful world. She wants to come back prepared for college and wherever life takes her. Isabel's community inspires her not be afraid to explore the world and to always give back.


El Gato En La Oscuridad

Cuando era un chiquillo que alegría; Jugando a la guerra noche y día, Saltando una verja verte a ti y así en tus ojos algo nuevo descubrí. Las rosas decían que eras mía; Y un gato me hacia compañía, Desde que me dejaste yo no se porque la ventanada es mas grande sin tu amor. El gato que esta en nuestro…

02 June, 2016

Obrigada | Thank you

While I went from school to school I made connections with the directors I interviewed. I asked them if they had a message for ASID. ASID is a non-profit that partners up with public schools that serve people with all types of disabilities. Their intentions are to help staff improve their skills in teaching and…

09 April, 2016


These are local opinions on novelas in Brazil. Hope you enjoy!  

09 April, 2016

Escola 29 de Março

A big part of my apprenticeship was a film project. I went to partnered schools and interviewed the directors about the impact ASID has had on them. Here is one of the videos I got to put together before my laptop broke down.  

09 April, 2016

Doubt Kills

I feel like I somewhat always knew there was an option besides going to college or working straight out of high school. I just didn’t know what answer I was looking for. I could see myself going to a university, but I didn’t really like the person I saw myself envisioning in college. Well here…

19 October, 2015

Thank You PDT!

Before landing in Brazil, I spent eight days getting to know more about Global Citizen Year and the purpose of my year abroad. But most importantly I got to meet a diverse group of fellows who share similar interest as me, the global cohort of 2016. During PDT(Pre-Departure Training) we started our journey at Alliance…

16 September, 2015

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Isabel Garcia