Isabel Clarkin

Izzy is passionate about social equity, cultural awareness, and self-growth! She hopes to further explore Anthropology and African Studies in her future college career, her passion for exploring and learning more about different regions of Africa stemming from her 2 years of living in Senegal as a child. Izzy additionally loves to paint and write poetry, and is excited to expand these skills as she learns more over time. She is inspired by several genres of music such as jazz, funk, and old school hip hop. She hopes to meet and learn from some beautifully incredible people during her time with Global Citizen Year, as she adores establishing new connections with others. She hopes to use her gradually accumulated knowledge to support others and make a difference.


What Have I Learned?

What have I learned?I don’t have to keep being polite to men who are rude to me. There is often no need to be in a hurry. Energy and love are two of the most important qualities within my identity. Don’t always expect other people to be thinking the same way you are. Family can…

22 May, 2019

The Day Before Leaving Home

This is the blog I wrote in a Boston hotel room while sitting next to my mom; we were watching the Whitney Houston movie "The Bodyguard" together. I was about to fly out to California the next morning, where I'd meet the GCY cohort and finally begin this whole adventure. I never ended up posting…

21 May, 2019

Some Of My Favorite Videos & Photos (pt.2)

 Touba-Toul.JPG  Pire.jpg  Khady Diop tryna kill me.MOV  good day in dakar.JPG  Clouds.JPG  EKTU7047.JPG  family.JPG  Boys on Bikes.MOV

21 May, 2019

Some Of My Favorite Photos & Videos

 Boys w Flowers (Mohammed&Cheikh2).JPG  Workspace in Goree.JPG  Yellow Building In Goree.jpg  Flowers.JPG  Khady&Mami.JPG  Khady's Favorite Flowers.jpg  Maimona.JPG  Massaer.MOV  Khady Painting.JPG  Ami Killin it .JPG  Buuba.JPG  Pink&Yellow.JPG  Djilli's Papaya.MP4  Moustapha.JPG  Boys w Flowers (Mohammed&Cheikh).JPG  Boys w Flowers.JPG Massaer.m4a

21 May, 2019

Songs Significant To Me In Senegal

21 May, 2019

An Act Of Love

An act of kindness in a time where I was feeling really low was when my host father taught me how to make his attaya (tea). The day before, I had just lost something very important to me; something that I had really defined my year for me up to that point. And one of…

21 May, 2019

Can You Hear How Many Stars Are Out Tonight

Something I’m going to miss when I go home is tilting my head up to look at the stars each night when I brush my teeth. I think in a way it feels like my most quiet, independent moment. This one particular night, I decided to record it. The stars were so bright, that I…

27 March, 2019

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my Global Citizen Year blog! Subscribe and follow along on on my adventures during my gap year abroad.

18 October, 2018

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Isabel Clarkin