Isabel Clarkin

Izzy is passionate about social equity, cultural awareness, and self-growth! She hopes to further explore Anthropology and African Studies in her future college career, her passion for exploring and learning more about different regions of Africa stemming from her 2 years of living in Senegal as a child. Izzy additionally loves to paint and write poetry, and is excited to expand these skills as she learns more over time. She is inspired by several genres of music such as jazz, funk, and old school hip hop. She hopes to meet and learn from some beautifully incredible people during her time with Global Citizen Year, as she adores establishing new connections with others. She hopes to use her gradually accumulated knowledge to support others and make a difference.


Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my Global Citizen Year blog! Subscribe and follow along on on my adventures during my gap year abroad.

18 October, 2018

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Isabel Clarkin