Ida Nydelius

Ida is passionate about entrepreneurship, cultures and the arts. During her 2 years at UWCRCN, she began to explore further within the visual arts and organised a fashion show with an awareness campaign about the cruelty in the fashion industry. Before UWCRCN, she was involved in an entrepreneurship course, teaching yoga, in several volunteering groups within the Swedish Church and were running a sewing group. Her goals for the year are learning about the Brazilian culture and people, getting inspired and influenced as well as gaining a wider perspective on the world. What inspires her? Nature, miracles, and life stories of brave people.


A letter to future me & thank you notes

  Dear Ida,   Right now, we are about to graduate from Global Citizen Year (actually just a few minutes away from the deadline hehe), the program which decided to send us to Brazil (instead of Ecuador) – a decision that shaped our gap year with samba tunes, children’s happiness, and teachers’ struggles. I hope…

01 June, 2019

My top 10 Brazilian songs

Olá! Welcome to a short introduction to Brazilian music. Put on your headphones, let's dive in! 10. Medley da Gaiola – Dennis DJ Remix – MC Kevin o Chris Here is my fav funk song which reminds me of those funk parties and how the Brazil cohort was showing their new skills at RET. *FUNK*…

26 May, 2019

Santo Antonio in Postcards

During my gap year, I lived in a culturally rich neighbourhood called Santo Antônio de Lisboa. A community which is named after the Saint Anthony of Padua, who is known as the patron saint of lost things (which was very adequate after losing my peace somewhere in the IB exams and transitioning) and as a…

27 April, 2019

The “why” I was looking for

With this post, I aim to tell you 2 things – that taking a gap year changed the way I look at education, and my next step in life. To begin with, my volunteer work is at a public elementary school Since the start, I have been without any fixed work tasks instead free to…

20 March, 2019

*Swedish* – Morgonen, 8 september

Hejsan familj och vänner, en liten historia skriven under första morgonen i min värdfamilj. En familj jag, på fredag, har bott hos i en vecka. Ser framemot att presentera dem för er! Man kan säga att jag trivs som fisken i vattnet. Trevlig läsning, Ida *8 September 2018* Gravitationen gungar mig sakta i hammocken när…

13 September, 2018

First Hello

Hello Flowers, first blog post, I am excited and terrified. Also, I haven’t even left my door yet. 12 days left until I will take off with the plane towards San Francisco, and my suitcase is was ready 2 days ago. You might wonder – “how do you pack for 8 months in one suitcase?”….

13 August, 2018

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Ida Nydelius