Ian Herel

Ian is passionate about creating connections between people and cultures while exploring different ways of living. In school, he was involved in the Mentors in Violence Prevention club which worked to raise awareness about men's violence against women. He has also been involved with the Appalachian Mountain Club which is devoted to preserving the White Mountains in New Hampshire. His goals for the year are to gain fluency in Spanish and develop lasting bonds with his community in Ecuador as well as his peers in the program. "It is of some use to my volcanoes, and it is of some use to my flower, that I own them. But you are of no use to the stars..." -Antione De Saint Exupery 'The Little Prince'


Continued…experience summary part 2

My apprenticeship search found some success in December when I began working for a local craftsman. Here we are gathering rocks by the river and an up close look at his mortar and pestle work.                    …

09 April, 2017

Experience Summary part 1

 Hi again! As promised, I’m back with some pictures and videos to share the first half of my experience.    This is a video of my first host dad, Luis Alberto, and his bandolina. He was by far the most important person in my life…

09 April, 2017

A glimpse into my life…through music

  I’d like to call this my meaningful Ecuadorian playlist as these songs are not necessarily my favorite, but each triggers a significant memory during my experience here. (note: most of these songs aren’t actually by an Ecuadorian artist)   Wiskisito By: Everyone (Jokiwas)  [vc_video…

17 March, 2017

Back to the blog game

  Hey everybody! After taking a 4 month blog vacation I have decided (been requested) to get back into the blog game.   My first blog here will be an attempt to explain my blog absence since October, or in other measurements, my first week…

17 March, 2017

Month 1- Getting Grounded

The beginning of October has brought with it a major milestone in my journey here in Ecuador: the end of In-Country Orientation, the end of consistently seeing my fellow fellows, and most importantly the true beginning of my homestay and apprenticeship here in San Roque, Ecuador. Over the…

04 October, 2016

The Story Begins…

      Hello and welcome to my blog! Currently, I am writing from mi cuarto in Quito where I will spending the next Hello and welcome to my blog! Currently, I am writing from mi cuarto in Quito where I will spending the next 3 weeks…

29 August, 2016

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Ian Herel