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Hongxi Wang

Hong hails from our nation's capital and lives a few minutes from downton DC. Coming from a diverse background, Hong was born in China and was actually inspired to participate in Global Citizen year after spending his junior year abroad in Italy. Hong hopes to use the life skills he learned in Italy during his time in Brazil. He is passionate about art, history, and economics and also refuses to drink any water that isn't fizzy. At home, he is active in his local Key Club. In the coming year he is looking forward to learning about the rapid growth, income disparities, and potential for environmental sustainability that Brazil now faces. He hopes to grow as a person, master the art of Portuguese, and maybe even samba on his journey abroad.


Breakfast in Brazil

Hongxi Wang


“Years from now, years and years, I’ll be back… me and my nine Brazilian brats. I’ll bring them back alright, cause they must see this. Oh, I love New York.” Do you ever get that feeling where you’re Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard in Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Unfortunately, most people don’t. Then again, I don’t...

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