Holli Sullivan

An artist at heart, Holli’s two deepest interests are singing and photography, though she also enjoys acting in school plays and playing the guitar. She has been a vocal performer for eight years and now spends much of her time capturing images and telling stories through her lens. Voted President of her school’s Spanish Club, Holli recently led her class on a trip to Mexico and has also visited Brazil and Costa Rica.


A Natural Apprenticeship

 A Natural Apprenticeship   I always knew I was a child of the universe. I was born on the beach. Like, literally, the hospital was on a hill overlooking the ocean. From the beach I went to live in the countryside for 2 years. From…

25 April, 2012

On the Side of the River

On the side of the river where all my dreams are realized. where all the things I have wanted in my life are in my hands. and all the things that I will ever want they also are mine. River, teach me to love with…

09 April, 2012

The Price Free Spirits Pay

The Price Free Spirits Pay   Traveling the world has various costs. We all know this now. There are passport and visa costs, plane tickets, and baggage fees. Then comes accommodation, food, and transportation. And what about souvenirs? How ‘bout that $200 guided hiking tour…

09 April, 2012

My Second Birth

My alarm went off at 4:30 a.m. on New Year’s Eve, but it was wasting it’s time. I had already been woken up by the sounds of tambours, maracas, and chanting in the distance. I jumped up and quickly got into my bathing suit and…

06 January, 2012

Twisting Traditions

         As likely EVERY ONE of you other Fellows has been experiencing this month, the holiday season is not a very easy time to be this far away from home. I have missed home the whole time I have been gone, but…

13 December, 2011

Change Your Words

I watched a video once of a blind man sitting on a corner. He was holding a sign that said “I’m blind please help.” He gets the occasional dime n’ nickel, but the majority of the city folk ignore the man and go about their…

10 December, 2011

Out of the Mata Concreta

My Global Citizen Year has officially begun. We’ve all been having a magical time, haven’t we fellows? One month is sooo much longer than we’ve ever imagined. Stanford, hostel, more hostel…It’s been great. But for me personally, it hasn’t felt so much like a life changing experience…

03 October, 2011

To Love and Be Loved

I spoke with a traveler last night who taught me a lot of things, He told me of his journeys around almost the entire world. Told me of the people he loved, the cities he hated, and the things he learned from each place. So…

28 September, 2011


Nature is so smart. How can you take a big green coconut ball and fill it with clean, fresh, delicious drinkable water? Don’t ask me, but geez, está muito bom. So anyways…Here I am on the patio in Rio Vermelho (Hee-oh Veh-mel-yoo…who’d have thought right?),…

15 September, 2011

Organization of thoughts

I never thought a summer job at a restaurant could teach me so many things. I currently work at Antelope Point Marina on Lake Powell, the world’s largest floating restaurant. A sudden shortage of staff led to having no other choice but to have half…

08 July, 2011

Being Different

I have always been one to take the road less traveled. Ever since I was a little girl picking bikes over Barbies and cameras over clothes, I’ve never quite been able to squeeze into the little space of the ordinary. When I was a small…

05 July, 2011

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Holli Sullivan