Hannah Cho

Hannah is passionate about stories. She is involved in several online publications, has taught and teaches youth, and writes and makes videos in her free time. Her goals for the year are to better direct hard work, gain fluency in Spanish, and focus on issues that are bigger than herself. One of favorite quotes is as follows: "...Always find some degree of pride in what you have accomplished so far. Be thankful for every accomplishment, no matter how small. Be proud of yourselves. Not to the point of pride, but rather to encourage and motivate. Because if you just keep going, eventually youll find yourself somewhere."


the love shack

This blog I’ve dedicated to my dear Napastafarians, who were an invaluable part of my Global Citizen Year experience. I learned so much from them, so much about empathy, curiosity, how to not take things at face value, and how to think in general. I made a small video that includes a recording from a…

01 May, 2016

Short Stories

September 29, 2015 After having taken several hearty naps throughout the day earlier, I am not tired and have trouble falling asleep. Then, like clockwork, at midnight by bladder calls. I lay awake in bed, arguing with myself for half an hour before I can no longer take the pressure and decide that I cannot fall asleep before I have…

31 March, 2016

The ants will bite you

For those who have very little idea what I’m doing and need an explanation, I’ve written a brief one on my Quora blog that details what has happened up to Immersion Week [ https://ieatpants.quora.com/what-i%C2%B4m-doing ]. If you’re already familiar and need not be bothered with an explanation, proceed.   I have now been in my permanent homestay in the provincia de…

08 October, 2015

Curious about Global Citizen Year? This is a great place to start.

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Hannah Cho