Hannah Bouline

Hannah has spent a lot of time traveling, and some of her favorite trips include visiting Turkey, sailing down the Nile River, and biking through northern Italy. At school she spent a lot of time working as editor of the yearbook and as a staff member of her school's literary magazine, The Quill. She also served as Leadership Training Chair, helping to guide juniors into their role as senior leaders and understand the larger role of a servant leader. He love of leadership training is what led to her interest in taking a Global Citizen Year.


The Power of Social Enterprise

By Hannah Bouline, ¬†Ecuador ’13,¬†University of Denver   Four years ago I was sitting in a modest workshop stringing tags onto ribbon. The shelves full of colorfully dyed seeds hid the dull cinderblock walls. The door rested open allowing the brisk evening air to enter,…

29 April, 2019

The Value of Time

Time is a very plastic thing – it is swollen and rich at times, and flaccid and bland at others. As my days in Ecuador become fewer and fewer, I have been thinking about time quite a bit, unfurling it like a fern. I look…

14 April, 2013

Define Collaboration

I must have re-written this blog post a thousand times. If not on my computer, then at least in my thoughts. As I navigate each day living with an Indigenous family in rural Ecuador, my version of this blog post has constantly been changing. I…

28 January, 2013

Playing Catch-Up

I have learned many things in my time thus far in Ecuador – the first being that I am terrible at keeping my blog up-to-date. My apologies on that one, and I’ll try my best to improve. In-country orientation has come and gone, and I’m…

10 November, 2012

A Little on the Why

Global Citizen Year. Why am I doing it? I’ve been posed the question a hundred and one times and each answer seems to come out a bit differently. Buzz phrases such as “a great experience” and “gaining perspective” and “reenergizing myself” pop in frequently. Each…

26 August, 2012

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Hannah Bouline