Haider Ali

I am Haider Ali from Pakistan and currently studying at UWC Robert Bosch College. I am passionate about Environmental science, Natural sciences, and some physiology. One of my favorite quotes is that "there is nothing impossible to him who will try" - Alexander the Great.


BLOG#6 Last Days and Re-Entry Training.

It was March now, and April was coming soon. Time was coming to leave soon. Breakthrough memories of everywhere. I was not ready yet to leave for Pakistan. In March, I didn’t have much to do. We started to saying bye-until-next-time to my host community. About language learning, we finished our final test and after…

26 April, 2019

BLOG#5 Carnival and Curitiba

It was January when our Garopaba was full of Argentines and bunch of people from northern and southern Brazil. People of the north and the south of Brazil came up because summer without the beaches is boring and extremely hot. It was after our independent travel, as it was same circumstances for Argentines. The population…

26 April, 2019

BLOG#4 Garopaba And Independent Travel To Porto Alegre

Since I moved to Garopaba city, things seemed really changed. Daily routine became different except apprenticeship and language learning classes. In week days, I´d go apprenticeship in the morning and I’d come home at lunch time. I´d eat some lunch and would help my mom with washing dishes and setting cutleries on the table. After…

26 April, 2019

BLOG#3 New Homestay. My Apprenticeship and Language Learning.

This morning, I was supposed to wake up early than I´d been waking up, because Marcella (my team leader) told me, we will go visit my apprenticeship, which was adjacent to my homestay. It was like 10 min walk from the main street. I could walk by either main street or street behind my house….

26 April, 2019

BLOG # 2 Host Country “BRAZIL”, Welcome Week, Homestay, Apprenticeship.

After the amazing pre-orientation meeting in Stanford with beautiful motivational speakers, we started our journey to Brazil. I was so full of excitement and nervousness. I was happy to see the most beautiful country of my life. After a long journey, from Stanford to 4 more different places, we were so tired but still excited…

26 April, 2019


WELCOME TO MY 1st GLOBAL CITIZEN YEAR BLOG! This blog is separated in three parts of MY STRUGGLING PAST, MY BRIGHT PRESENT, AND MY UNCERTAIN FUTURE story. Here we go…. (if you find any English mistakes, please let me know if your comments. I have no Excellent English, by the way). MY STRUGGLING PAST, I…

15 September, 2018

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Haider Ali