Graham Markert

Graham is passionate about learning, adventure, human rights, and issues of equality. He learned Spanish in school and aims to become trilingual by adding Portugués to his repertoire. He enjoyed growing up in Minnesota but is looking forward to experiencing a new lifestyle and culture in Brazil. A fanatical soccer player and snowboarder, Graham can’t wait to play with the locals and surf some waves. A few of his goals this year are to gain fluency in Portuguese, develop close friendships in Brazil, and better understand the issues of the world. After his GCY bridge year, Graham will pursue international business at the University of Denver.


Blog Post!! :)

11/1/2020 “E aí?!” The howl came from a man 12 feet above me, delicately balanced on the Black Pearl’s center mast.  One hand clutching the climbing net, the other a microphone, Captain Jack Sparrow let out his most ferocious cry yet.  “QUEM GOSTA DE BARULHO!?!!?” The ship’s deck doubled as a dance floor as more…

14 January, 2020


      1/9/19     Hey friends!  Welcome to the first official entry in my blog!      I’m writing to you live on the plane from São Paolo to Floríanopolis, where I’ll live for the next eight months.  I’m also writing this just minutes after my first conversation in Portuguese!  Well, I’m not…

09 September, 2019

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Graham Markert