Grace Mannix

Grace is passionate about helping others. She is very involved in community service projects and is also a Founder in the Emergency Aid Foundation of Pennsylvania. Grace loves to be around children, so she works part-time at a daycare center in her hometown. She also spent one summer working as a student aide at a summer school for students with learning disabilities. Her goal is to become more self-sufficient, and make new friends both within her cohort and the Senegalese people she'll meet. Her favorite quote is "You are who you are when no one is looking."



I’m sure you’re familiar with that part after a theater performance where the cast is acknowledging the people that made the production possible. They already took their final bow and the time has come to share the spotlight before the audience goes home. As the curtains of my Global Citizen Year are drawn, I’d like…

07 May, 2015

Open April 18th

Dearest family and friends, I only have one more card to open for the plane ride home and thought it was way past time for me to write you back. Can you believe how little time is left until I see you again?! I often wonder where the time went and how I spent the…

18 April, 2015

An Overdue Blog Post

It’s always wonderful to be present when a child is in the midst of discovery. Yesterday, I watched a six year old boy named Hamdi listen to music with an MP3 player for the first time. Someone put the earphones in for him and passed him the phone, and we waited to see his adorable…

04 April, 2015

My People

Somewhere along the lines of growing up I heard the saying, “You become like the five people you spend most of your time with.” I initially questioned the validity of this statement, but soon caught myself proving that there is some truth behind it, i.e. occasionally saying things a friend would always say, or having…

05 March, 2015


Hey, Mom and Dad? There’s this playground I’ve always wanted to go to. It’s a bit farther away than the one we’re used to and I’m not really sure how to get there or if it has the swings, and I don’t know if the other kids there will be nice, or if I should…

09 December, 2014

Culture ShOctober

I’m at a loss for words. Even with all of these internal and external changes happening, I’ve been struggling with what to write a blog about. My goal is to write at least one blog per month. I started off strong in September, but October has proven to be more of a challenge, both for…

14 November, 2014

My Answer

“How is Africa?” That’s a loaded question, and definitely a hard one to answer. I’ve only been here for three weeks, but I’ll say that it’s everything you can think of in the most extreme form, but nothing you would expect. There are no subtleties. Whether you like it or not, the atmosphere is loud…

26 September, 2014

Just Getting Started

Maybe not going to college right after graduating high school makes you nervous. Maybe you can only afford it with monetary help. Maybe there are requirements you aren’t sure you can meet. Maybe all of the vaccinations you have to get, especially for diseases you haven’t even heard of, are a little intimidating. Perhaps you’re…

30 July, 2014

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Grace Mannix