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Gabriel Lucas Yerdon

23 Mar 2016 Things Draw to a Close

   My seventh month in Brazil is drawing to a close. When I look back to our orientation at Tufts and arriving in Brazil to meet the other Global Citizen Year fellows, it seems like a lifetime ago. I am having trouble grasping the fact...

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15 Mar 2016 Food Struggles

Disclaimer- I am by no means a Brazilian food expert and I have not been able to experiment all of the local cuisine. This is just a small window into the severe struggles and mouthwatering successes that I have had. Wondering what some unique foods down...

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13 Jan 2016 Ch ch ch changes!

One memory has continually popped into my mind during my time in Brazil. I remember my mother saying to me, “You don’t realize how lucky we are, you have so much to be thankful for” I shot back a reply of “No we aren't, why...

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22 Nov 2015 Friend or Foe

    I make the trip to R3 Animal monday-friday with the goal of helping the struggling animals that have wound up there. Yet still, with these caring thoughts in mind, I get pecked on the head repeatedly by toucans, attacked mercilessly by many a...

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24 Sep 2015 Baby Bugio

Several weeks ago I walked out of an airport in Curitiba, BR with mixed feelings of doubt, excitement, curiosity and homesickness. I have experienced a lot since then, yet those same feelings persist. As I crossed the threshold into a new country, the atmosphere felt...

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10 Sep 2015 Great Expectations

      My departure from the United States quickly approaches and I invite you all to follow me on my journey to Santa Catarina, Brazil. I have chosen to postpone the traditional college experience and embark on a bridge year abroad. This adventure consists of...

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