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Giovanna Hunsrao

Giovanna is passionate about the performing arts, travelling and spiritual growth and connection . She believes the stage is the heart to the human soul and has spent hours perfecting the art of theatre while helping people along the way in activities such as playback theatre and performing in fundraising events for AIDS and Breast Cancer. Inspired by the will to cater for her environment, Giovanna hopes her year abroad allows her to provide the people and country with unlimited love and support. She also hopes to immerse into the culture of Senegal and create bonds with the local people through music, language and stories.


On your marks…

August 25, 2018

Reporting for Duty – Senegal fellow 2019. Which one? Simple. The one who runs to her vaccinations 2 days before her flight and still hasn’t stuffed her soul with Dim sum that’s who. I’m Giovanna, and you may know me for that or much more than that. Here, I want to add an extension to...

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