Gabriel McCarthy

Gabe is passionate about fitness and connecting with people. He believes that constantly challenging himself and persistently striving to gain knowledge is not only the best, but the only way to live life. He is passionate about learning languages and connecting with people through them, and cherishes the moment when someone chuckles and finally figures out what he's trying to say in either Spanish, Italian, or Arabic. He is an avid chess player, baseball player, and music listener. His goals for the year are to fully immerse himself in an entirely new community, and to stray away from staying in his comfort zones by taking risks and trying new things. "Everything in life is worth overdoing".


Dance group – event in azogues

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05 April, 2017


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01 April, 2017

Que quieres hacer cuando eres mayor? (What do you want to be when you’re older?)

I asked my students this question. Not all of them wanted to answer, and lots of kids just said what they're friends said. So, here's what a bunch of rural-living youngsters who live in Ecuador want to be when they're older. 6th Boys  Carpenter Bus driver  Soldier Construction worker Soldier Electrician  Police officer "I want…

29 March, 2017

Independent Travel

I just got back from my independent travel. I spent 12 days at the beach with my 2 good friends. We stayed at a cheap hostel in a shared room with anywhere from 2 to 6 other people. While we were there we met 2 Norwegians who were also doing a gap year, although theirs…

23 February, 2017

Update from the Field

1.21.17 So my computer broke. It fell and the slot where the charger goes in is broken. I was really pissed. The plan for the day was for my family and I to go out to lunch, and this was actually my Christmas present to them; for me to treat them all to lunch. The…

24 January, 2017


Dear Nina, I got the inspiration to write this letter to you whilst sitting with my host family here in Quito. Here in Ecuador, a huge emphasis is placed on family, as in, they see each other every week, always call and check in on eachother etc. you and I throughout the years have lived…

17 September, 2016

reflection, reflections

During one of many reflections throughout this past week, I said to my tribe that PDT had been one of the best experiences of my life. I reverted back to a conversation I had with Henry as we walked to the dining hall from Pac, a 2 minute walk. During that 2 minute walk Henry…

31 August, 2016

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Gabriel McCarthy