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Gabriel Lucas Yerdon

Gabriel is passionate about our environment, outdoor activities and skiing. He is involved in a variety of school clubs and spends time volunteering and learning about animals. He has worked on a farm as well as residing on a farm and has hopes of becoming a veterinarian. His goals for the year are to gain as many new experiences as possible while in Brazil as well as become fluent in Portuguese and meet many new kinds of animals! He is inspired by kindness so many people can show.


Things Draw to a Close

March 23, 2016

   My seventh month in Brazil is drawing to a close. When I look back to our orientation at Tufts and arriving in Brazil to meet the other Global Citizen Year fellows, it seems like a lifetime ago. I am having trouble grasping the fact that is two short weeks I will be leaving my...

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Food Struggles

March 15, 2016

Disclaimer- I am by no means a Brazilian food expert and I have not been able to experiment all of the local cuisine. This is just a small window into the severe struggles and mouthwatering successes that I have had. Wondering what some unique foods down here might be? There are plenty. A common sweet...

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Ch ch ch changes!

January 13, 2016

One memory has continually popped into my mind during my time in Brazil. I remember my mother saying to me, “You don’t realize how lucky we are, you have so much to be thankful for” I shot back a reply of “No we aren’t, why do you always say that?” Meanwhile, in my head,  I...

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Friend or Foe

November 22, 2015

    I make the trip to R3 Animal monday-friday with the goal of helping the struggling animals that have wound up there. Yet still, with these caring thoughts in mind, I get pecked on the head repeatedly by toucans, attacked mercilessly by many a parrot and have to play chicken with angry marmosets (squirrel-sized...

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Baby Bugio

September 24, 2015

Several weeks ago I walked out of an airport in Curitiba, BR with mixed feelings of doubt, excitement, curiosity and homesickness. I have experienced a lot since then, yet those same feelings persist. As I crossed the threshold into a new country, the atmosphere felt surreal. I was dressed in shorts and a T-shirt, expecting...

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Great Expectations

September 10, 2015

      My departure from the United States quickly approaches and I invite you all to follow me on my journey to Santa Catarina, Brazil. I have chosen to postpone the traditional college experience and embark on a bridge year abroad. This adventure consists of eight months in a strange and new place. During...

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