Florin Langer

Florin is passionate about learning about different cultures, global issues like poverty, and conveying stories through photography, film, and writing to help build community. He has been president of the Heal the Bay Club, a student ambassador for his World Languages and Global Studies Magnet School, and a participant in many other service clubs. His goals for the year are to form new relationships crossing cultural and language barriers, learn new life skills, take away a new perspective, make a lasting impact on the community he



I apprentice at la Mancomunidad del Pueblo Cañari, an organization that carries out projects to stimulate tourism, aid farmers, and protect natural resources by managing and preserving water resources, improving pasture herbage, implementing agroforesty systems, educating children and adults about the environment and ancestral heritage,…

11 April, 2014


I have two homes in Ecuador, one in El Tambo and one in Cuenca. My host parents and I live in El Tambo during the week and my host siblings in Cuenca for school. I end up traveling between the two a few times a…

28 February, 2014

Taking Time

I wake up in my host sister’s room to the screeching sound of my phone’s alarm. She lives in Cuenca, so I get to sleep in her rosado-colored room under her lion-printed blanket across from her porcelain doll that watches me sleep. I used to…

30 December, 2013


No, I’m not living in a shack. I’m not single-handedly building a school or orphanage. I’m not building wells or applying some “first-world” knowledge only I possess to solve the major problems that exist. But that’s not what I’m really here to do, and that…

11 November, 2013

Saying Good-Bye

I want to start off by thanking all of my supporters for helping me to reach my goal of 2500 dollars for the Fellow Fund. I reached out to all of you in my time of need, and I was pleasantly surprised by the support…

01 October, 2013

Journey of Exploration

I am from Venice Beach, California. Well, I am actually from Germany, but I moved to Los Angeles with my mom when I was a year old. When I lived with my mom when I was younger, we constantly moved around Los Angeles, from Santa Monica to Hollywood…

19 July, 2013

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Florin Langer