Fernanda Savaris Nunes

Fernanda is passionate about people and different cultures. She is involved in writing, community work and economics studies. Her goals for the year are to learn as much as possible, embrace every opportunity and increase her potential as a change agent."Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain"


7 Days of Gratitude: Day #5

DAY #5: My bike.   There am I, having driving lessons and thinking how boring, wasteful and expensive it is to drive places. I miss being able to ride my bike everywhere. I miss feeling the wind on my face while watching hyped up kids yelling "TUBAAB, TUBAAB!" in the streets. I miss the freedom…

07 June, 2017

7 Days of Gratitude: Day #4

DAY #4: Food. YES, FOOD!!! I have loved Senegalese food from the first time I ate it. Yes, it is mostly rice and fish, and yes, it is sometimes so spicy you will sweat a lot for the next hour, but that is exactly why I loved it. The almost unimaginable amount of oil they…

02 June, 2017

7 Days of Gratitude: Day #3

DAY #3: First Host Family My first host family was a gift from the universe of coincidences. Born in Cape Vert (and therefore a Portuguese speaker), my host mom was an angel who called me daughter from the first time we met. My host dad and I had very similar interests and opinions about politics,…

31 May, 2017

7 Days of Gratitude: Day #2

DAY #2: Teranga Teranga is a Senegalese word for hospitality, and yes, it is the most cliché and the most beautiful thing I can talk about that country. Anyone really going to Senegal will learn this word on their first days there, but it takes more than a couple days to understand what it really…

31 May, 2017

7 Days of Gratitude: Day #1.

This is a capstone about my 7 months in Senegal and the things I’m the most grateful for. For 7 days, starting today, I will post a reflection about something important for me from this experience. I hope you enjoy it.   DAY #1: Meditation   As this is about my stay in Senegal, I…

27 May, 2017

Um dia na minha vida no Senegal

Pedidos especiais me levaram a traduzir esse texto inteirinho pro Português. Divirtam-se 🙂 Saalam Aleikum! Fala galerinha, no post de hoje eu serei Mame Diara, a pessoa que eu vim sendo nesses últimos 6 meses, e não a Fer de quase sempre. Pois é, me deram um nome novo aqui (aparentemente nomes gringos são complicados…

04 March, 2017

A day in the life of Mame Diara Samb

Saalam Aleikum! It’s me again, but this time not as Fernanda. In this blog post I will be Mame Diara (aka The Only Tubab in Town), who is also the person I have been being for these past 6 months in Senegal. Yes, I have a different name here (apparently tubab names are too complicated…

27 February, 2017

7 Things I will miss about Senegal

I frequently compile lists in my head. Places I want to visit, inspiring people I have met, moments I want to write about… I even have a list of the lists I want to write one day. So I guess now’s a good time to cross one of these out… Here goes a list of…

23 February, 2017

I am alive!

  Hi. I know I haven’t written as many blog posts as I said I would. In fact, I know I haven’t written any since that short introduction about why I am here. The truth is that, for months, I forgot why I was here. Fortunately, days come and go, smiles close to open again,…

02 February, 2017

About homesickness and other reasons to smile

I have never been the type to feel homesick. I started traveling alone from an early age and I moved out of home in my 16th year of life. I spent the past two years in another continent than the one where I was born and raised, and during the 11 months before this last summer, I did not…

15 September, 2016

First, first, first steps

My first blog post in English will have the same aim of my actual first post (that was in Portuguese): I will explain why I am living in Senegal for a year. So, as most of you know: UWC. Right? Two years in Italy with a couple hundreds of international kids who taught me a…

01 September, 2016

Carta de Introdução

Oi!Passei muito tempo pensando no que escrever como minha primeira publicação nesse blog, mas percebi que não faria sentido eu escrever algo sobre como a vida está indo e sobre como me sinto sem primeiro explicar o que é que realmente estou fazendo mundo afora de novo (e um pouco de quem sou eu, pra…

27 August, 2016

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