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Faith Anderson

Faith is passionate about service work, human rights, and animals. Her self appointed mission in life is to give voice to the voiceless, that includes animals and the environment. You will rarely catch Faith without a smile on her face and in an upbeat can-do attitude. She is involved in Women's Rights Activism, various political groups, and works at a local animal hospital. Her main goals for the year are to widen her world view and to be able to effectively have a positive impact on her host community and on her home one. "Traverse all darkness on rafts of laughter with long warm paddles of optimism and cheer" -Matthew Gray Gubler



May 27, 2019

I look back at the valuable words my Teach for India mentor, Ananya, shared with me in a letter she gave me at the end of the year.  In this letter she shares with me lessons that she learned from me, and I know realize that they are almost word for word the lessons that I...

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Memories Abroad

May 25, 2019

Being back home for about a month now (actually back in my town, not just being back to the states) I have been thinking a lot about how this past year has felt a lot like just a dream. I have had to fight this consistently as I there are valuable people, realizations, and lessons...

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My Favorite Meal

May 9, 2019

Rice has always been my favorite food, going to India that didn't change. The best gift my host mother gave to me was her food. The day before I left I walked into the kitchen where she had prepped all the ingredients for my favorite dish of hers, masala rice. She then walked me through...

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March 6, 2019

At the beggining of this year the letters UWC have been constantly floating around, at Global Launch there was a massive confusion as to what this mysterious and glorious organization was. Sounded too good to be true, a sort of utopia, and also why had I never heard of it and had the chance to...

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March 6, 2019

As this this gap year begins to come to a close I look back at various blog drafts I have saved, sitting unposted in fear that the words are unworthy. Even typing this I fear I am fearing that the words won’t be eloquent enough to put it out to the world. But looking at...

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November 9, 2018

I journalist for my high school’s news paper reached out to me to answer questions about my gap year. I’d like to share my answers as they share a lot about my experiences so far:)

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Live From The Field

August 22, 2018

I spent the first half of my senior year basically living in my college adviser's office (bless you Sara Hogue) she was incredibly patient with me and consistently guided me through the tedious process of college application, For a first generation college student applicant, whom was also struggling with intense anxiety and depression, the help...

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