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Erin Pugh


Armchair Psychology

March 2, 2020

Hello! I have seriously neglected this blog for the past several months. Mea culpa. But today is my birthday, so I think I deserve some absolution for that. Now that I’m nineteen, the secrets of the universe have finally laid themselves before my eyes. I know exactly who I am and why I’m on this...

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On Normaility

November 12, 2019

I’ve been meaning to write another blog for a while, but (believe it or not) I couldn’t think of anything particularly exceptional to write about. For the most part, life in Senegal doesn’t surprise me anymore. I’ve grown used to sitting cross legged with my family as we eat from a single dish. Without thinking,...

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Three Vignettes

October 6, 2019

     This past weekend marked my first full month with my host family (only seven left!). It always surprises me how quickly the initial adjustment period can pass. Just days into my stay at Stanford (for Global Launch) and at the Tostan Training Center (for in-country orientation) I remarked, “It feels like we’ve been here forever.”...

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My Global Citizen Year Overview

August 28, 2019

      Hi! Welcome to my blog where I’ll be posting (frequency tbd) about my bridge year for the next few months. I haven’t actually left the country yet, so I thought it would be most useful to answer some basic questions: Where am I now?        Global Launch! It’s our entry training held...

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