Emily Stevens

Emily is passionate about education and environmental issues. She is a QuestBridge ambassador and encourages high-achieving low-income students to apply to the top colleges in the country. As a research intern at the University of Louisville she developed more effective solar cells. She enjoys playing tennis and taking drama classes in her spare time. Emily hopes to gain leadership skills and broader global perspective as well as language fluency during her time in Senegal.


Woneng Gaa

Written February 28, 2014 This last Sunday I was in Kedougou city with Alex running errands before going home for the last five weeks of our stay. Kaitlyn was hosting us and agreed to take us to her tailor. On the walk there we were…

11 April, 2014


I apologize for having not publicly documented anything for the past five and a half months. Hopefully this timeline will adequately catch you up on the most important points and periods.  September: Smelly, sweaty September. I spent the first month in a Wolof family with…

24 January, 2014

Leaving Home

I have a pesky habit of chronically putting the cart before the horse in almost every aspect of my life. I get these big ideas and become impassioned. But when it comes to the development and execution of the idea, I get intimidated by the…

19 July, 2013

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Emily Stevens