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Emily Power

Emily spends much of her time volunteering, and has helped such organizations as Girl Scouts and Kaiser Hospital. She has been dancing at Marin School of the Arts for four years, and has spent time teaching dance for young theater. She was inspired to take a bridge year after spending the last four summers doing service work in New Orleans. In her spare time she enjoys dancing to anything from blues to swing to salsa to waltz.


Teach me, Ecuador

November 21, 2012

My first day in the Amazon I went to a Kichwa wedding. I briefly met my new family, Lidia Cerda, my mom, Jorge, my brother in law, Erika, my sister and Jorge’s wife, as well as some cousins whom I did not have the chance to meet properly until much later. We all sat on a log to watch...

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Wanting to Feel in a World of Infinite Possibilities

September 26, 2012

Ever since I started the Global Citizen Year program, beginning with Fall Training, I have been experiencing this very strange feeling, which is incredibly difficult to pinpoint. It’s always on the tip of my tongue, but I don’t feel any anxiety to find out what it is. I am flabbergasted when people ask me how...

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A Fortuitous Accident

July 10, 2012

It was a fortuitous accident that I ever heard of Global Citizen Year. On Facebook, someone was telling my friend about the program and how she should apply. I already knew that I wanted to take a gap year, and all I needed was the perfect program to do so. I clicked the link and...

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