Emily Hockett

Emily is passionate about social justice. She is involved in women's advocacy, climate change education, and legal aid. Her goals for the year are to expand her worldview, become a part of a new community, and apply her passions to the work she does in Ecuador.


The Bus

Arriving at a seemingly random corner in Otavalo, I said goodbye to the other Global Citizen Year fellows in my region, and stepped onto the street. Nervously placing my backpack on the sidewalk, I looked around. A large yellow bus pulled up, and a family…

10 March, 2014

Exploring New Territory

After two months here, I feel as if I am slowly becoming an Otavaleña. I wake up at six every morning to the sound of my host sister getting ready for school (though she tries to be quiet, I am a sensitive sleeper). Since I…

13 November, 2013

Week 1 of Otavalian Life

After months of preparation and orientation, we were heading to our communities for real. I was the first to be dropped off, and my family arrived with balloons and flowers for me and pineapple cake for our entire group. My host mom, Tania, was crying…

02 October, 2013


I am sure all of you have had some interaction with those long, sometimes harsh posts on the Internet about controversial issues. These can range from current events, sports games, or even the tragic downfall of a particular celebrity. Reading these comments, which are usually full of strong language…

16 July, 2013

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Emily Hockett