Ely Kadish

Elyana has traveled to such places as Thailand and Costa Rica, where she discovered her passion for protecting Human Rights and ending world hunger. She spends most Saturday mornings volunteering at her local Food Bank. When she is not in school, Ely enjoys scuba diving, reading, baking, watching movies, and creative writing. Her two life goals are laughing at least once every day and visiting every continent.


The Weirdness of Normalcy

As someone who had experienced Reverse Culture Shock before, I prepared myself for the worst. I had lived that type of emotional period, before after only six weeks over seas, so I could only imagine how bad this was going to be.  I painted on my smile, stuffed my most precious memories in little boxes…

15 May, 2013

Just One

[This was originally a speech given at training seminar. I left it as it was to give the most organic experience.] I have always struggled with the idea of one. I was the kid who could never read one page, only watch one more hour or just eat one cookie. One just never seemed like enough,…

27 March, 2013

The Uneven Road to The Unknown Destination

As the bus chugs up the side of Volcán Imbabura I catch myself associating the rhythmic whining sounds of overworked gears with the Little Engine That Could’s positive motto, “I think I can, I think I can”; only I’m really hoping we make it up in one try. The bus bounces over the jutting rocks…

28 February, 2013

The Age Line

Age is a funny thing; it is a concept that seems to have us wrapped around its finger. We are always worrying about how our age changes us, not how we change our age. I have always seen age stages that are split but the invisible, yet decisive, Age Line. The first stage is childhood:…

26 February, 2013

It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World

…But it wouldn’t be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl.  Before arriving in Ecuador I read and was told many stories about the culture I would be living in, and one concept that constantly recurred was the idea of Machismo.  In short it is the practice of a largely male dominated society — unequal work…

04 January, 2013

A Day In My Life

7:00 am I wake up and begin my day   Mornings consist of helping get Valentina (the baby) dressed, cleaning my half of the room and setting the table for breakfast   8:40am I wait for my bus to come speeding down the road.. In the background I watch Volcán Imbabura peak out through the…

28 November, 2012

Reacting to Reality

The three way intersection at my bus-stop has no stop sign.  It has no traffic light or Policeman directing the way.  The first day, I stood on the corner horrified that no one would stop, that the car would crash with the gas truck clamoring down the other road or crush the child passing on…

10 November, 2012

Here I am

Here I am a baby. I do not yet know how to live in this place. I am guided and my hand is held. I see all, but understand much less. I soak up all I can each day hoping to retain something for tomorrow. I am ready to grow.  Here I am a child….

10 September, 2012


Life places many questions before us, shaping and molding our way of thinking and acting. Some question the “why” and others question the “how” but in the end the “so what!” is all that really matters. In the end, a life is not measured by the atoms or the bonds but by the path and…

10 July, 2012

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Ely Kadish