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Elizabeth O'Malley

Elizabeth is passionate about service, human rights, and the sciences. Elizabeth found her passion for service and human rights through volunteering at the Salvation Army, the Red Cross, and formerly as vice president of a club promoting global perspective at her high school. She is also involved in her school's track team and a local rowing club. Elizabeth is inspired by social change. For her time in Ecuador, she hopes to grow as a learner and lose all fear of trying new things!


And it begins,

May 10, 2015

We were told so many times that our global citizen year would likely be the hardest year of our lives so far. So I expected to be torn by cultural differences and exhausted by constant discomfort. I expected to cry, a lot. Then I got my Ecuadorian host family. Mom and Dad, six brothers, one...

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March 6, 2015

I spent four years of high school as a rower. Up to this point in my life, rowing had been the most demanding physical activity I had ever done. Rowing means using every muscle in your body, with all the might you have, until the race is finished. But crew doesn‰Ûªt just demand a huge...

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January 31, 2015

Before I came to Ecuador, or fully understood my part as a Global Citizen Year Fellow, I didn’t have expectations for my time here. I started these eight months with an open mind and an open heart. And as cheesy as that may be, it’s the truth. I knew I would have a host family...

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Life Goes On

December 9, 2014

Recently a family member back in the US passed away. It wasn’t someone I was close with, or had even seen in years. He was old and sick; for some reason this death affected me more than I would have expected. I got the news over a Facebook message. It didn’t hit me right away....

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September 24, 2014

On a clear Saturday, three friends and I hailed a cab to take us to “el Teleférico.” I’m not quite sure what that translates to, but our understanding was that we were headed to the base gondola of volcán Pichincha. And luckily, this isn’t one of my many stories where the cab driver has no...

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Until we meet again..

August 1, 2014

As I form a list of what to pack for this grand adventure, I think of which shoes I’d like to wear in this new place, or if I’ll need a particular outfit. How do I choose between favorite sweatshirts? Of course, my answer is to bring the lightest ones. But, this sense of reality...

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