Elisa Portz

Elisa is engaged and passionate about being part of a growing community and helping other people. She was involved in multiple clubs during high school, such as Invisible Children and Peer Leadership. She is most interested in bettering the lives of people around her. Her goals for the year are becoming fluent in Spanish, making a difference in her community, discovering her place in the world through real experience, and becoming a global citizen.


Correoucu, Ca̱ar, Ecuador

Greetings from Correoucu, Ecuador! I have been living in my placement community for about three months now. My indigenous host family is more than I could ever ask for. I live with my host mother, Narcisa, host father, JosÌ© MarÌ_a, and my three host sisters: MarÌ_a JosÌ© (13), Sara (16), and Lourdes (18). We started…

31 January, 2015

“Welcome home, mi hija!”

I have found Ecuadorian people to be very hospitable. My host family has made me part of their family. They have really taken me into their home and welcomed me greatly. This morning I asked my host mom if I could do my laundry and she said yes, so I went to get my dirty…

07 October, 2014

The Leap of Faith

As I finish up my last days at Watertown High School, graduating, saying goodbye to longtime classmates, I am gearing up for a year different than your typical high school grad. This year I’m taking a bridge year between high school and college. A year for me to gain global perspective, to meet new people,…

12 August, 2014

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Elisa Portz