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Elena Doss

Elena is passionate about the visual arts, as well as environmental awareness and education. She held a position as a senior class officer and participated in track, volleyball and basketball all four years of high school. Elena has also been highly involved in the art program, and hopes to gain new skills and insights while abroad. Throughout the year, she hopes to learn the skills necessary to build a better and brighter future, not only for herself, but also the community around her.


Ojala voy a…

May 12, 2016

Ojala voy a… (Hopefully I will…) Breath : Relish in every moment : Remember the good : Forgive : Not forget : Embrace the weird : Respect the norm : Savor the ride : Challenge yourself : Take in my surroundings : Love myself : Love others : Prioritize : Indulge : Let go :...

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January 29, 2016

“ Wow you are so brave for living in Ecuador!” The definition of Brave : Ready to face and endure danger or pain. I have not only heard this said to me once, but many times throughout this year. Supposedly, it is very brave to live in a second or third world country for a...

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A Love Letter

January 3, 2016

Dear Ecuador, Four short months ago, I was a young traveler trying to find my calling. I’ll admit I was overwhelmed the first time we met. Your difference in lifestyle, motion and language challenged my ideal thoughts. You pushed me to stretch my comfort zone, by making sure I had to ride three buses to...

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December 14, 2015

 Carol of the Guinea Pigs (Cuy) Yum! how they taste Sweet Cuy smells All seem to say, "Cook it away" Tia is here Bringing good shears To young  and old Meek and the bold Squeak, Squeakish, Squeakish, That is their hum With joyful All squeakling One seems to hear Cuys running there From ev'rywhere Filling...

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Campo Life Exposed

November 30, 2015

Everyone knows everyone The myth about rice is true..three times a day Cafe and Pan is the best pre-game meal There is always a fiesta going on All the cars are stick shift Zhumia for Ecuadorians is like Vodka for Russians Lime juice can and will be put on anything Anything can be hand washed...

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Two months down..Six to go

October 23, 2015

Two Months down..Six to go 7:15 A.M. I rose from my warm bed to greet the cold and I slowly slipped on my very, handy dandy, flip flops, as I make my way downstairs for breakfast.   Breakfast Menu: Black coffee with sugar Rice An Egg or sausage 7:45 A.M.     I waddle my...

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August 26, 2015

“ What are you feeling?”  /  “ Are you excited?”   / “ Are you freaked out?” These are the three common questions I have been asked  over (and over)  the past six months while preparing for my travels to Ecuador. Instead of writing my entire emotional history of the past six months of planning,  I...

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