Eleanor Ross

Eleanor is passionate about social justice, debating, anything and everything French, surfing, baking, reading (history please!), and the perfect cup of tea. She is involved in community service (particularly around education and women’s issues). Her goals for this year are to be a role model to children so that they can dream big too; to become completely fluent in French; and to learn the art of the Senegalese Attaya tea ceremony. She is inspired by learning why people think a certain way.


Why I Want to Stay

Even though I’ve been in Senegal for over five months, I don’t want to leave. Even though my mom regularly texts me with the exact number of days until I’m home, I still don’t want to leave. And even though my dad just started making me homemade sauerkraut (trust me, it’s something to write home…

10 February, 2020

Food, Food, and More Food

I’d like to discuss something very close to my heart today: food. Senegalese food, to be exact. I promise you that each dish will leave you begging for the recipe– and you’ll want them all. Especially the street food one’s because it is just so good here. And no matter how often Americans tell you…

11 December, 2019

A Guide for the Sick– Read before you embark on your journey to Senegal

It’s been over a week since I’ve been sick in Senegal. And let me be the first to say, it sucks. It sucks a lot. I have bronchitis; I had my first fever since I was three; I have fever blisters so bad throughout my mouth that I cannot eat or drink; and I’m constantly…

11 December, 2019

The Peanut Queen

Sometimes, you need a day to mope. And, being all about self-care, I treat myself to a day like this every once and awhile. I mean, Senegal is fantastic, but some days I just miss home. Because now and then all I need is some good, wholesome, childish fun– and often it seems I can’t…

02 November, 2019

I get peed on

I’ve learned to realize that everything eventually comes full circle. The awkward moments seem to right themselves over time, and, in my case, within two days. For the awkward half of the story, the fact is that my second or third day in Senegal, I was peed on. I had gone outside to look at…

24 September, 2019

So, I have a new name

I love my name. But it took a long way to get here. Years of people singing “Eleanor Rigby” and telling me their grandma’s name was “Eleanor” fueled a hatred in me for my name so strong, I forced my friends and family to call me Ellie. Well, at least for a while. But over…

24 September, 2019

Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

I’ve always tried to keep most thoughts out of my head. Seems contradictory, but I have a formula. It’s incredibly precise. If I start thinking about something that makes me uncomfortable, I actively shake the thought out of my head. Be warned, an incredibly intense precision is imperative to moving your head side to side…

29 August, 2019

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Eleanor Ross