Drew Erickson

Drew Erickson is passionate about service and empathy. She is involved in community service, human rights, and using her privilege to advocate for those with quieter voices. Her goals for the year are to, one, learn how to work collaboratively and effectively, two, understand what privilege looks like on a global and local scale outside of the United States, and three, to become fluent in both French and Wolof. Joy is my biggest inspiration— seeing a smile on someone’s face? Yes, when i see someone else benefit from my work, it pushes me to do better everyday.


You Know You are in Senegal When

You know you are in Senegal when… when “bug spray, sunscreen, malaria pill” becomes the most important part of your morning routine when you drift off to sleep to the sound of goats just outside your window when any and every conversation begins with a…

10 September, 2019

The Mind of an Anxious, Pre-departing Fellow

The Big Question: am I crazy or just crazy faithful? This question skips through my head day in and day out as the move to Senegal quickly approaches. In moments of pure joy and excitement, I find a voice in the back of my mind…

20 August, 2019

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Drew Erickson