Dora Lee

Dora is passionate about human rights, traveling, and equal access to education and health care. She is involved in creating educational opportunities for children in developing countries, as she traveled to Ghana to build a primary school during her sophomore year of high school. She has been involved with Model United Nations in order to expand the knowledge of today's youth upon international issues. Her goals for the year are to learn an indigenous language of Senegal and bring home some really cool stories.


Anglais (written March 2017)

     The main reason I wanted to participate in Global Citizen Year was for the hands-on work experience that I would get through my apprenticeships. Therefore, I spent several days scanning the information about each country’s apprenticeship options. Seeing that India only had English teaching apprenticeships automatically made it my last choice for placement….

23 May, 2017

Home Stretch?

“Are you ready, Dora?! You’re in the home stretch!”  *cringes, crawls under baobab tree, goes into fetal position* People keep using the phrase “home stretch” to describe where I am currently at in my year, the final month of my journey in Senegal. But what I picture when hearing those words, a baseball player running…

15 March, 2017

Dear Men of Senegal…

Dear Men of Senegal,   It’s been nice getting to know you these last 5 months and we’ve had some really good conversations. You’ve taught me how to make attaya, debated with me about Donald Trump, and gone on for hours about how much you love to work out. But, men of Senegal, I think…

15 February, 2017

It’s All About Sharing

When your a little kid, one of the first and most important ethical lessons you learn is to share. Whether that’s sharing your favorite legos with your brother or sharing your heart by making sure that you love every member of your family equally, sharing is seen as something quite essential to teach at home…

16 November, 2016

Trump’s New America

    Every morning, after tying up my mosquito net and turning off my fan, I always check my little Nokia phone to see if I have any messages from my team leader or other fellows. Waking up the other morning, the last thing that I expected to see was a text message from another…

16 November, 2016

Life Update #1 (written October 2016)

Due to my lack of wifi and quite horrible communication skills, I figured that doing a ‘Life Update’ would be helpful to keep everyone up-to-date on what is happening in my life at the moment.  I am currently at my home stay in the village of Thiadiaye. It’s located in the Petite Coute Region of…

28 October, 2016

Day by Day

       Just when I feel as though I’m done with all the goodbyes, there is someone else that I have to say “see you in 8 months” to. Just when I feel like I’m mentally/emotionally prepared, tears overcome me thinking about the inevitable struggles I will face. Just when I think I’m ready…

28 August, 2016

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Dora Lee