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Dominic Snyder

15 Mar 2017 Lessons from Life in Ecuador

Over the past six months I have spent much time analyzing the intricacies of the Ecuadorian customs that I have had the privilege to experience. Cultural differences between my old home and my new one provided an opportunity to ponder the stark contrast between the two and discover how...

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26 Dec 2016 Halfway Point Updates

Considering that it has been a while since my last blog post, I thought it would be appropriate to honor the holiday season with a short update. Just two weeks ago marked the halfway point of the program, which is crazy in two senses. On...

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07 Nov 2016 La Fundación

* The blog that follows is the result of much thinking and investigation about the foundation where I am currently conducting my apprenticeship. Although it is fairly long, I could still not include everything I would like to related to the subject of the foundation...

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02 Oct 2016 Getting Settled in Paragachi, Ecuador

  Three weeks ago, I received a piece of paper detailing my community placement in bullet points. From what I could glean, I was heading to a relatively small Ecuadorian community named Paragachi to live with a family of six and work for a local non-profit. Fast forward a...

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04 Sep 2016 What and Why

  Hello all… Welcome to my blog! Over the course of the next eight months, I will be posting updates on my year as consistently as possible. For my first post, I figured it would be fitting to explain what exactly it is I am doing and why it is...

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