Dianne Perez

Dianne's involvement as a camp counselor and her time spent in the Dominican Republic giving workshops to community kids has inspired her to take her Global Citizen Year. Traveling and connecting with people on a deeper level are two things that she is passionate about and that excite her about her gap year. She enjoys black and white photography, meditation, reading, and Latin American reggae.


Enjoy the Small Things in Life

Enjoy my new video, “Eu Vou Torcer pelas Coisas Pequenas.”

26 March, 2013

Day in Rickys Life

Day in Rickys Life Video Ricardo, a fifteen-year-old teenage boy, lives in Lençóis, a small city in the interior of Bahia. Loved by many people in his community, he is known as “Boa Sorte” because instead of saying goodbye he gives a nice warm good luck. His dream is to move to Rio de Janeiro…

13 February, 2013

Day in My Life

7 am wake up! Take a nice cold shower to get the heart pumping. (Side note I have not had a hot shower since I left the states) Make some breakfast “caffe de amanha” which usually consist of a fruit salad, cheese sandwich and one scramble egg. Sometimes in the morning, if there is time my host mother and…

09 January, 2013

Uma Vida Cheia de Belez


13 November, 2012

Curious about Global Citizen Year? This is a great place to start.

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Dianne Perez