Daniel Schwarz

Daniel spent all four years of high school running both winter and spring track. One of his greatest passions is politics, and he was President of his AP Government and Politics class. Additionally, he is a member of Future Business Leaders of America, which involves traveling to regional business conferences. He loves to cook and bake, and even holds a part time job cooking pizza and preparing food for a Farmer's Market.


A Sense of Self

    A Sense of Self “I don’t know Mom, I just don’t care” (a typical response to why I got a bad grade and how I felt about it).  The truth is that I really did care about high school. I always got okay grades because school was easy. Occasionally there would be a…

22 October, 2013

Learning to Speak

The lights are off. I am sitting. I am thinking. I am counting. “Tuesday 1, Wednesday 2, Thursday 3, Friday 4, Saturday 5, Sunday 6, Monday 7 Tuesday 8, Wednesday 9, Thursday, 10, Friday, 11, Saturday…12, Sunday…13, Monday 14, Tue….” I stopped. “15 days” I thought. I paused, I breathed. I began to reflect. I’ve been here for 7 months….

07 April, 2013

The Rich American

It’s uncomfortable being thought of as ‘the rich American’ but the reality of it is, in terms of money, I am rich, spoiled, and very fortunate. Is money what really makes someone rich? I sit here writing on an iPad which is pretty much a $700 toy. At home I have my own car, my own computer, a…

01 March, 2013

Only in Ecuador

It really is lucky that I now work in the productive development office of the provisional government of Napo, Ecuador. My job is challenging, fun, and allows me to experience things I never could anywhere else in the world. I’m either sitting in an office, sending and receiving emails in a language I have not come close to mastering, calling…

21 November, 2012

Life is Good

A smile swept across my face while riding in the back of on old pickup truck. To be specific,  a rickety but sturdy and faded green Chevy with lots of miles on the odometer and lots of life left in it. The wind whipped at my face causing a rucous in my overgrown hair. I…

14 November, 2012

Life In Quito, Ecuador

Here is a short video about some simple aspects of life in a forgien country. Enjoy!

19 September, 2012

Something New

I thought to myself, “I’m going to Ecuador for 8 months.” I didn’t know why but I knew it was what I was supposed to do. Something from within me knew it was right. Something from within me knew I wasn’t ready for college. I went with my gut, something that has never failed me,…

18 September, 2012

Something New

Hello all. My name is Daniel Schwarz, born and raised in the Philadelphia area. I got my primary education in a town called Havertown. I went to Oakmont Elementary, which is sadly no longer a school today. I then attended Haverford Middle School. My next and last institution was Haverford Senior High School; this is…

10 July, 2012

Curious about Global Citizen Year? This is a great place to start.

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Daniel Schwarz