Daming Cui

Derek is passionate about the environment and human connections. He is involved in cross-country cycling tours, volunteering, and scientific research. His goals for the year are become fluent in Portuguese, immerse himself in a new culture, and further clarify his mission. One of my favorite quotes is by Virginia Woolf in To the Lighthouse: “He smiled the most exquisite smile, veiled by memory, tinged by dreams. “


Piece by Piece

3 months in! It’s difficult not to synchronize your heart with the local vibrations as you arrive at a new place and open yourself to embrace your surroundings. The Portuguese language has complicated, beautiful subtleties in itself: sometimes concise, sometimes expressive, sometimes witty and sometimes melancholic (or, more accurately, filled with ~saudade). I first fell…

01 December, 2019

Pre-trip Time Capsule

All kinds of emotions swirl in my brain, changing by the minute: excitement, apprehension, nostalgia, euphoria, curiosity, determination, turmoil and peace mixed with a strange, hollow gust of emptiness. I imagine myself, digging through my blurred memories and trying to remember this jumble of wanderlust as I face the ocean waves while stars shimmer in…

31 August, 2019

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Daming Cui