Creede Burton

Creede is passionate about music, traveling, fitness and adventure. He is involved in refugee resettlement, combating prejudice and hatred, and education. Creede has lived in Vermont, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. His goals for the year are to make lifelong friends, learn Hindi, learn a form of Indian martial arts, and ultimately learn more about himself. A few things that inspire him are music, genuine people, new cultures and nature. "It's not about what you get, it's about who you are becoming" Elliott Hulse.


A tiny summary of an epic experience!

  After 22 hours of plane flights, layovers and bumpy bus rides, the Indian cohort had finally made it to Hyderabad. We arrived at the sight and sound of the bustling city of Pune. We spent the first week of our journey at the Center for Development Studies and Activities (CDSA) in Pune doing our…

03 December, 2017

Just as I was about to lose hope… India!

    In the beginning of senior year, I knew I wanted I did not want to go straight to college. The thought of going straight into another four years of school haunted me. I had heard of people taking Gap years in between high school and college before. I had friends that took Gap years as…

26 August, 2017

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Creede Burton