Clarissa Bury

Clarissa is passionate about cultural interactions and international relations. She loves all kinds of music and plays in several different ensembles such as marching band, jazz band, and drumline. She is also a lifeguard and likes to learn about first aid. Her goals for the year are to make a tangible difference in her host community and to become more educated about the world by gaining further comprehension of other cultural and social realities. Her favorite quote is "The greats weren't great because at birth they could paint; the greats were great because they paint a lot."



A photo essay. Banner: My host family and I 1. Imbabura fellows resting during our first week-long retreat 2. My host dad, Alfredo, smiles at me in the mirror of his truck 3. The scene at the Cotacachi cemetery during the Dia de Difuntos celebration 4. Uncle Jorge leaving the fields after 7 hours of…

19 June, 2015


Arriving to Ecuador, I expected difficulty and the infamous culture shock” I was told so much about. My house in Ecuador

19 June, 2015


In my second week in Ecuador, my family invited me to a velatorio, which, in that sense, was a Kichwa Ecuadorian memorial service. I was exhausted from work and it was about 8 at night already, so I hesitantly asked how long we would be out. No mas que una hora. No more than one…

19 June, 2015



27 March, 2015

Since August

The three months I have been in Ecuador have been full of adventures . In Quito I stayed with a sweet old lady and spent my days squishing myself onto the buses and developing my leg muscles tackling the hill between Spanish classes and Global Citizen Year lectures. I went to an Ecuadorian soccer game,…

12 December, 2014

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Clarissa Bury