Christopher Chieng

Chris is passionate about language-learning and serving his community. He is President of his school's Community Service Club and Secretary of his school's Tri-M Music Honor Society, which serves the community through performance.



I have to be honest: it’s been difficult being back. I think almost everyday my thoughts wander back to my life abroad, in Ecuador, surrounded by people who I grew to love- my host family, my supervisor and apprenticeship, and all of my friends I made within the program. But if there’s one thing I…

08 June, 2018


Originally written on March 22nd So as you guys know, I’m working at the local school in my community co-teaching english with three other english teachers. On Mondays and Thursdays I work mornings from seven to around one, teaching the little kids, and on Tuesdays and Wednesdays I work afternoons helping out with the older…

08 June, 2018


Putting words to particular moments can sometimes be limiting- language is important. And sometimes they’re better expressed through pictures. Captured all throughout Ecuador, including Quito, my host community Chaltura, Mindo (cloud forest), Cuenca, the Amazons, and the coast.

08 June, 2018


Originally written October 19th So I’m learning to appreciate the little things. I’m co-teaching English at the school in my town and everyday my students teach me something new, especially the little ones. Being bombarded with questions of Como se dice ____ en inglés? (how do you say __ in english?) only to see them…

08 June, 2018


My Ecuadorian host family was such an important part of my year abroad. I remember my very first interactions with them were awkward- I was communicating in the little spanish I learned in high school and using weird hand gestures for words I didn’t know. Of course, as I continued to navigate my way through…

08 June, 2018


It’s been slightly over two months since I left my host family back in Ecuador. And I miss them beyond imagination. One of the best parts of living with a host family is having host siblings. My seven year old host sister, Valentina, was one of my first friends. Since everyone in the house was…

08 June, 2018


A few weeks ago, I was sitting on the bus with my host mom, going on our usual Sunday trip to Atuntaqui to buy groceries. I was letting her know that I would be gone for the week, visiting some of my friends in the south of Ecuador. As we descended from the bus, I…

04 February, 2018

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Christopher Chieng