Chinyere Aniagoh

Chinyere Joyce Aniagoh is from Atlanta Georgia but already considers herself a citizen of the world. She loves to dance, was elected Co-Captain of her high school dance team, and even had the honor of dancing at her graduation. She is passionate about women's rights because she understands how decisions made today can affect her future. Most people don't know that she enjoys creating collages and making and designing clothing.


Change through Empowerment

My cohort and I, on arrival believed we could change Ecuador. We believed that if our communities didn’t have a clean water system we would be the ones to implement one or if there was an out break of Malaria we could get vaccines to everyone in our communities. These things are possible but we under estimated just how hard…

07 April, 2013

Friends Made

I’ve learned how to be a true friend through experiencing true friendship. I’ve had unimaginable hardships throughout my time in Ecuador. Challenges in my first community, issues with my family, my apprenticeship wasn’t what I expected, language barriers, and money and even my passport where stolen. Although I had Global Citizen Year support, truthfully if it wasn’t for my fellow fellow…

04 April, 2013

In this moment I see me!!

I’m so happy at this very moment not in a silly playful happy way butjust a moment of true bliss, thus I decided I’ll just write exactly what I’m feeling. Although, I know everything isn’t perfect and neither am I or will I ever be, but at this time in my life here in Ecuador I am the…

01 March, 2013

Speak up: We are beautiful and should know it

I just wanted to share with you something I’ve been fighting against all my teen life and considerable more since I have gotten to Ecuador, and I honestly don’t believe there is a person in the world who hasn’t suffered from this problem at one point in time. This fight is against low esteem and body image. First I would…

26 February, 2013

Mountain Monents

It’s been a roller coaster in my time here so far. Driving down the mountains on our way to Los Bancos has been the most rewarding experience for me thus far. I became filled with a wave of intense emotions. I finally truly understand why I’m here, why I made this decision; better understanding myself, and what I want to…

10 November, 2012

Daddy’s Story

It’s been a very full time since I’ve been here. My host family is actually amazing they have redefined every negative stereotype and proven every positive one I’ve heard about Ecuadorians. For example, it is absolutely necessary to wake up before 8 o’clock and there’s no suchthing as missing a meal you will eat whether you want to or not and…

10 November, 2012

Faith even before Training

 Its been a true experience, starting from being locked out of the house hours before my flight leaving Atlanta for San Francisco. Then, missing my first flight, and now flying standby. As I approached security I tried to keep together at least until I was out of the sight of my mother and little sister who were now completely in…

07 September, 2012

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Chinyere Aniagoh