Charlotte Robbins

Charlotte is passionate about social justice and human rights. She loves playing sports, especially volleyball, and working with children. Her goals for this year are to step out of her comfort zone, become fluent in Spanish, and to better understand how global issues immediately affect life in the US.


An Ode to Bus Stops (A photo journal, not a poem)

This year, finding, walking to, waiting at, and getting off at bus stops has become an incredibly important part of my life. No matter where I've lived in the Cuenca area, I have always been on the blue city bus line, and I've been able…

03 April, 2016

Mantras, self reflection, rice and cows

The past four months have changed me. Wow I think we are all cringing at the cliche. But it’s true. Bummer. I’m not a drastically different person — actually I think I’m just more me. I’ve changed in little ways: I’m more patient, grateful, and…

03 January, 2016

Paz y Amor

My apprenticeship has one basic job description: to be loving and forgiving towards children who are victims of domestic violence. Put like that, it sounds so simple, right? This year I am working at a Casa de Acogida, or in this case, a shelter for…

22 November, 2015

The Power of Chocolate

 Ever since I was little, chocolate has been an integral part of my diet. I’m up to eat chocolate at any time, any day, whether it be chocolate cake for breakfast, ice cream for an afternoon snack, or chocolate pudding cake instead of lunch. In the…

13 September, 2015


I’ve always considered myself to be a planner; I map out events and deadlines, space out my time accordingly, and am disoriented by sudden changes in my schedule. About two months ago, however, I made the most impulsive decision of my life. I was sprawled across…

27 August, 2015

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Charlotte Robbins