Charlotte Kaufman

Born in New York, Charlotte moved to paris at the age of seven and lived there for five years. She is passionate about community building and is open minded. Both these qualities are displayed through her diverse range of activities inside and outside of school. She loves to cook, backpack, and vault. Class president, captain of the varsity soccer team, and director and writer for the student-run English theater group at her school, she has assumed many leadership positions. She is excited to learn a new language, to collaborate with a unique cohort, and to gain more independence in the coming year.


This road I walk

There are two ways I can get from my my house in San Pedro to the Cabanas where I work. There is a path through the ‘monte’- the forest- which is quicker but less traveled because of the buggy grass and muddiness. There is also the main road which is uncomfortable under the heavy sun…

05 March, 2014

I have arrived (part two)

14 November, 2013

I have arrived (part one)

14 November, 2013

Ode to Bugs

In reference to a previous blog post, I have decided to create a list of the various bugs I have directly encountered during my first week in the Amazon… First, there are the mosquitos. I never really see or hear them but they make themselves noticed through the hundreds of bites I have all over…

08 November, 2013

The Women

My time in Quito flew by, and before I knew it, it was my last day going to EIL where I had been attending Spanish classes for the past three weeks. For this last full morning in Quito, my host mother wanted me to join her usual routine. It consisted of her waking up at…

01 November, 2013

Bus Ride

I wrote this blog post over the period of my bus ride from Quito to Napo Exiting Quito (mountain tops, high altitude [….] , morning daze and frigid air): It is a clear, clear day and once again I am leaving home. As I drove to EIL, into the early morning sun, for the final…

01 November, 2013


The morning of– the eyes crease open. Ugh, it’s so early maybe I should just stay in bed. Finally got out of bed– pack the bag and got dressed. Doing these things motivate me to get going. And so I do, I walk out of the house and hop the bus to meet my fellow…

01 November, 2013


I found a strange bug crawling on the wall that bordered my bed this evening. It made me rethink the whole level of comfort I thought I had developed in what I like to call my new home in Quito. I asked myself, how many of these creepy, four-and-a-half-legged insects lie under my bed at…

18 September, 2013


Over the span of 5 minutes in the air, through our small airplane windows, I watched the sun set. The sky fell from a gloomy grey to a fiery orange to a pitch black, speckled with stars. It’s funny how the world below can seem so insignificant when suspended in the sky. When on land…

13 September, 2013

A blog idea

The other night, as I was having dinner with my parents, I gave them the same spiel I have been giving to all my friends and family. Something in the likes of “I have lost sense of reality”, “I feel weird”, “I don’t know what I’m doing”…. My parents have been away in Europe for…

30 July, 2013

Tell it like it is

(Before you laugh at the title of this blog, a reference to Aaron Neville’s one-hit wonder, let me get a few things off my chest…) I was 15 when I made the 20 hour trip alone to Mumbai to join my mother, who worked for an international nonprofit called Acumen Fund. While walking around with her…

22 July, 2013

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Charlotte Kaufman